What it is..


Hi there,

Welcome. For years, I have wanted to put down my thoughts. And while I use the term ‘put down,’ it immediately strikes me that this term has several meanings. Is this ‘put down’ in the sense of an ailing pet, relieving it of its aged or malaise ridden ailments? Or more generally, as a boxer will ‘put down’ his opponent, both physically and / or verbally? (I nearly wrote ‘mentally’ there, but was thwarted when I tried to remember a boxer who did anything mentally whatsoever.) Or, more mundanely, is it simply an expression used to record thoughts and observations. Dear reader, I regret to inform you that it is this. Although over time I have been severely tempted to ‘put down’ my thoughts (version 1) when they became all encompassing, and I have also been tempted to ‘put down’ my thoughts (version 2) when they have annoyed or vexed me. I do now, however, find myself deciding that these very reasons are the cause for my wanting to ‘put down’ my thoughts (version 3.)

So, what will you find here? I am glad you asked. Unfortunately, I discover that I am unable to answer, as I have not written a thing yet, aside from some random introduction about putting things down – hardly a positive start to a blog. However, in the interests of providing some form of insight, I can tell you what I plan to include, and who the hell I actually am.

I will, however, state this. I am a blogging virgin. This world is unknown to me, and so if you choose to proceed, you do so at my own risk. I anticipate random changes of font, the insertion of completely irrelevant photographs, and other such e-perils as may be found in these pages (screens?)

There will be no real time-line to things that I may record. Some may be events from long ago; some may be so fresh as to have real and visible unhealed scars; some may be only hours old. As such, these are the beauties of life.

So.. if you will, please take these paragraphs as some kind of random introduction, and proceed at your peril. And if I happen to bump into you along the way, you can be sure I will be pleased to meet you. I just hope I remember to say it.


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